Happy D. Artist


  • SOLO: Alexi Era Gallery, Oregon, September 2017

  • SOLO: Future Gallery, Lake Orion, Michigan, May 2017

  • MINI SOLO: Sally Centigrade, Denver, April 2017

  • GROUP: Lover's Eye, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, February 2017

  • GROUP: Revival, Sally Centigrade, Denver, February 2017


  • GROUP: October Show, Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, October 2016 

  • GROUP: All Hallows Eve, Penumbra Gallery, Portugal, October 2016 

  • GROUP: The Star Trek Show, Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, September 2016 

  • GROUP: The Little Big Show, LaBodega Gallery, San Diego, September 2016

  • GROUP: New Realm, Auguste Clown Gallery, Victoria, Australia, July 2016 (Closed)

  • GROUP: Frida, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, July 2016 

  • GROUP: Dali, Future Gallery, Lake Orion, Michigan, July 2016 

  • GROUP: Anniversary Show, Wonderland SF Gallery, San Francisco, July 2016

  • GROUP: Portraits of Friends, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, June 2016

  • GROUP: PostcArt Show, Avantgarde Art Gallery, Milan, Italy, June 2016

  • GROUP: The Cat Show, Future Gallery, Lake Orion, Michigan, May 2016

  • GROUP: Muses, Swoon Gallery, Los Angeles, April 2016

  • GROUP: Adore, Swoon Gallery, Los Angeles, February 2016

  • GROUP: On the Tilt, Wonderland SF Gallery, San Francisco, November 2015

  • GROUP: Verdant, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, October 2015

  • SOLO: 20 Mission Hive, San Francisco, May 2015

  • SOLO: Ecomonster Studio at the Jingletown Artwalk, Oakland, December 2014

  • SOLO: Folsom Street Foundry San Francisco, July 2014

  • GROUP: Art Crasher, Venice Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, June 2014

  • GROUP: 20Mission San Francisco - Inside Comics Art Show, May 2014

  • GROUP: 20Mission San Francisco - Bitcoin Art Show, March 2014




  • MAGAZINE: Conceptual Magazine, Issue 6, June 2016

  • MAGAZINE: Winter Skin Rose Magazine, Issue 1, August 2016


  • ART COLLECTIVE MEMBER: Copycat Violence Art Collective, 2016

  • SPONSORED ARTIST: Gamblin Artists Colors, 2015

  • SPONSORED ARTIST: Royal and Langnickel Brush, 2015


  • MOVIE ARTIST: Artwork featured in film "Vampires in Virginia",  2015

  • ILLUSTRATOR: Created two pieces of artwork for Pinterest’s official company-sponsored valentine’s day board, featured on PopSugar

  • DESIGNER: Sweet1985 - Designed the logo, website, and packaging for boutique jewelry company featured in British Vogue and British GQ

  • CONCEPT/BACKGROUND ARTIST: Refraction - Flash game developed by the University of Washington Graphics research department, more than half a million plays on Kongregate, grand prize winner of Disney’s Learning Challenge